How well do you manage your commercial auto fleet?

March 19, 2019

Auto Fleet Management in Annapolis, MD

Proactively managing your auto fleet can put you ahead of the curve.

Fleet management can result in your business having fewer auto claims, fewer employee injuries and make you much more favorable in the eyes of the insurance companies.  These things can result in direct savings and lower overhead for your business.

Auto Fleet Claims in Annapolis, MD

Auto Claims are a Loss Leader in the Insurance Industry

Vehicles cost more to repair and vehicle-related lawsuits are on the rise.  These factors have resulted in insurance companies increasing rates and having stricter auto guidelines.

Here are a few ways vehicles and drivers can be managed to reduce the frequency and severity of auto claims: 

  • Prevent distracted driving.  Set cell phone policies while operating company vehicles.
  • Order MVRs annually on all your drivers
  • Have a vehicle maintenance program in place.
  • Consider having a telematics system installed in your vehicle.  These systems track your vehicles and can monitor speeding, hard braking and risky driving habits of your employees.

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