Avoiding Productivity Traps

February 12, 2019

Avoiding Productivity Traps

Productivity Traps

Productivity Traps for Small Businesses

Small business owners face unique challenges with many aspects of employment. Whether it be onerous health care regulations, confusing taxation policies, or the difficulty of recruiting talented individuals. Fortunately for the rest of us, small business owners rise to the occasion every day to provide us with critical products and services at competitive prices.

Being a Small Business Owner comes with its fair share of challenges, productivity being one of them. See below for the biggest productivity traps for Small Business Owners and how to avoid them.

Productivity Traps to Avoid:

  • Online Distractions - everyone knows how distracting the internet can be. If you don't need the internet while you work, try unplugging your Ethernet cable or turning off the wifi. If you do need the internet, try programs like Freedom or LeechBlock to block specific websites or social media programs.
  • Overly Ambitious To-Do Lists - the longer your to-do list, the less likely you are to complete it. Having a shorter list will help you work more efficiently and productively.]
  • Getting Stuck on a Difficult Project - when hitting a wall, the best thing to do is move onto another project then come back to the first one later.
  • Following Ineffective Work Routines - routines can help to streamline productivity, but they can also hold you back from making the most effective use of your time. Audit how you're working every few months and change the processes that are holding you back.
  • Forgetting to Take Breaks - according to the New York Times, breaks actually increase your productivity. Find out what you like to do with your breaks and enforce it daily.

Source: The Hartford

The solution for most small business owners is often simple; disconnecting from those conveniences that create future unproductivity.

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