Ladder Safety

September 24, 2019

Ladder Safety

Climb with Caution in order to Avoid Costly Workers Compensation Claims

Falls from ladders are among the most common injuries suffered by American workers each year, especially those in the construction and contracting business. Did you know that most of these injuries are preventable by following some of these basic ladder safety rules? Share the below tips with your employees to prevent unnecessary injuries.

Setting Up Safely

  • Select the appropriate ladder for the job by checking the ladder length and duty rating first. Proper length is at least 3 feet over the working surface.
  • Use a wooden or fiberglass ladder near power lines and electrical equipment to avoid electrocution.
  • Inspect your ladder before each use for loose or damaged steps, rungs, spreaders, and safety feet.
  • Don't place a ladder in front of a door that isn't locked, blocked, or guarded.
  • Place your ladder on a surface that is level and firm. If you are working on an uneven or soft ground, stabilize the ladder with large wooden boards.

Always Use Caution

  • Follow instruction labels regarding proper ladder use
  • Take your time; never rush while trying to finish the job
  • Keep your body centered between the rails, making sure not to lean too far to one side while working
  • Don't step on the top step or attempt to climb or stand on the rear section of a stepladder
  • Store ladders in a safe, dry place and never leave a raised ladder unattended
  • Never over-step your reach, instead climb down and reposition the ladder
  • Step down from the ladder if you start feeling tired or dizzy

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