Save Money & Lives With Safe Work Spaces

March 28, 2019

Workplace Safety

As an employer, making sure your work environment is up to the proper safety codes is key to keeping operations running smoothly. Proper workplace safety not only protects your employees but will also keep insurance premiums low. Higher premiums increase overhead, and in turn, affects your ability to bid competitively to create new business.

Workers Compensation Experience Modification

Your experience mod number for your worker's compensation policy is a reflection of your claim frequency and severity, and it directly contributes to how much you pay every year. A high experience mod number can keep companies from bidding on jobs by large contractors. Providing a safe workplace is a valuable tool to keep good employees and offer better service to your clients.

Occupational Safety

Doing Your Part To Keep Risk Low

Bay Area Insurance can offer loss control resources and other information to help control your workplace safety. Our agency can work with you to put together a plan to manage your risk. Weekly safety talks are often recommended to help control claims. Here are some other tips on maintaining a safe workplace:

  • Consider pre-hire physicals.
  • Provide protection equipment.
  • Educate employees and management on proper safety protocols.
  • Keep an organized workplace.
  • Provide protection equipment.
  • Inspect and maintain all company vehicles.
  • Provide protection equipment.
  • Don’t take shortcuts.
  • Have adequate staffing levels.


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