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What is Architect's Professional Liability Insurance?

Architect's professional liability insurance covers an architectural firm and its employees against both actual and alleged acts, errors, omissions, or personal injuries in performing (or failing to perform) architectural services. Professional liability insurance is arguably the most important type of an insurance an architectural firm can have.

How much does Architects professional liability cost?

The cost varies depending on the size of the firm, number of employees and type of design in which the firm specializes. Small policies can be as low as $1000, however, policies for bigger firms doing more complex or hazardous designs can be well over $100,000 in total. The cost will also depend on the type of coverage limits purchase.

What limits should be purchased?

Great question!  How much could the firm be sued for?  Only the firm knows the answer but we would not recommend anything less than $1m. There are, however, a number of other coverages to consider, such as:

  • General Liability- claims for bodily injury & property damage
  • Property
  • Computerized Equipment
  • Crime & Theft
  • Employment Practices Liability (harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination etc…)
  • Cyber Liability

What is the difference between General Liability and Professional Liability (E&O)?

  • General liability protects against physical injury to people or damage to property arising from your daily operations
  • Professional liability covers negligence related to professional services or advice

Who is covered?

Insured Person means:

  • The sole owner of or partner in a Firm,
  • Member of the board of managers, director, executive officer, or shareholder
  • Employee
  • Independent Contractor, who is acting within the scope of their duties on behalf of the Insured

What makes Bay Area Insurance special?

Bay Area Insurance provides proper coverages from a top A-rated carriers including: (for those that qualify for the program)

  • Pre-claim services to help Prevent losses
  • Claim coach
    • A specialty devoted to insuring Architects and Designers
    • Access to multiple insurance companies for any type of Architect
    • Ease of doing business

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