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Adam J. Itzel, CIC

Adam ItzelHONESTY; the greatest value I bring to you and your insurance needs. Since starting my career with Bay Area Insurance Group, LLC in 1989 my goal has been to provide service to my customers by offering a full and honest evaluation of their insurance risks and needs. Do you ever wonder if you have the right insurance or if you're paying too much for what you already have? My experience as a Certified Insurance Counselor since 2006, with my commitment to integrity can help answer those questions for you. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 5 children and hitting the gym or going for a run as often as I can.

If the idea of having an honest review of your insurance appeals to you, give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to meeting with you!

Adam's Philosophy

People say the days of "sitting around the table" to discuss their insurance needs are over. Everyone wants their insurance done as quick and inexpensive as possible. I say, "Why?"

Insurance is a part of everyone's life. It can also be a major expense item in the budget. Insurance is what protects you and your family's assets and all the things you have worked so hard to achieve. Why would you want to hurry through the process and look for the least expensive policy you can find? Instead, why not take the time to know exactly what you are purchasing, understand the coverage and have peace of mind that you are properly protected?
Give me a call! I would love to "sit around at the table" with you and review your current insurance and give my honest evaluation at no cost to you.

I say "Why Not?"

The Experience

  • Get to Know YouCafe
  • Listen and Understand your Personal or Business Insurance needs
  • Complete a Full Evaluation of your Property or Business
  • Work with you to Determine Proper Values
  • Structure a Plan that works for you
  • Build a long standing relationship around Service and Trust

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